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Transformational Leaders

Personal Growth Deep Dive

"Empowering Your Journey Towards Unprecedented Personal, Spiritual and Professional Breakthroughs"

Thursday and Friday

May 16-17, 2024


An exciting and thought-provoking 2 day virtual deep dive full of enlightening discussions, interactive workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities. This Deep Dive is for leaders who want to do their own personal work in a room filled with other transformational leaders.

Whether you're a seasoned transformational leader, an aspiring leader, or a personal growth enthusiast, this event promises to empower your journey towards unprecedented personal,

spiritual and Professional Breakthroughs

You will leave this deep dive feeling more

energized, clear, and empowered to take action on your expanded vision

Prepare Yourself For Massive Transformation

During this event you can expect:

World-Class Keynote Speakers

Experience the brilliance of world-class keynote speakers who will unravel the secrets of visionary leadership. These luminaries bring a wealth of knowledge, real-world experiences, and insights that will inspire and propel you forward. Get ready to absorb transformative wisdom that transcends conventional boundaries.

Thought Leaders Group Discussions

Engage in in-depth discussions and interactive sessions that peel back the layers of visionary leadership. Gain clarity on how to refine your business vision, align it with your values, and leverage it as a powerful tool for growth. This deep dive is designed to support your personal, spiritual and professional transformation.

Expert Panel and Q&A Sessions

Engage with a lineup of seasoned experts and thought leaders in an exclusive panel discussion. Gain profound insights into strategies that drive ultimate impact for your business. The Q&A sessions provide you with the opportunity to directly interact with the experts, ensuring your specific queries are addressed.

Uncover Your Unique Leadership Blueprint

This isn't a surface-level training; it's a deep dive into the core of your leadership potential. Through personalized coaching sessions and interactive workshops, discover the unique qualities that set you apart as a leader. Identify your strengths, address weaknesses, and craft a roadmap for continuous improvement. This deep dive ensures that you not only lead effectively but leave a lasting impact on your team and organization.

Vision Expansion: See Beyond the Horizon

In the fast-paced world of business, a clear and expansive vision is your most potent tool. Our program will help you redefine your goals, break through limitations, and cultivate a visionary mindset. Unleash your creativity and strategic thinking to navigate challenges with confidence. By expanding your vision, you'll not only anticipate industry shifts but lead the way into uncharted territories.

Dive into Personal and Professional Growth

Our immersive sessions go beyond surface-level learning, providing you with the tools and insights needed for lasting change. Engage in interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and peer collaborations that will accelerate your development. Experience a comprehensive transformation that not only impacts your career but also enriches your life.

Empowering Your Journey Towards Unprecedented Personal, Spiritual, and Professional Breakthroughs is designed to provide transformational leaders with a comprehensive and immersive experience. Through interactive workshops, insightful discussions, and collaborative sessions, participants will delve deep into their personal growth journey. Our goal is to equip leaders with the tools, insights, and mindset necessary to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and lead with authenticity and purpose. By fostering a supportive environment and offering tailored guidance, this deep dive experience aims to ignite profound transformations that extend beyond the individual, impacting communities and driving positive change in the world."

Join us for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary – a chance to witness the magic that happens when thought leaders come together. Picture this: experts sharing their stories, insights, and a few hard-earned lessons. It's not just an event; it's a special space where you get to learn from the real experiences of these visionaries. Discover how they've managed to weave innovation into their traditions, pushing the boundaries in their fields. This isn't just about their personal successes; it's about the fusion of their visions, creating a beautiful tapestry of inspiration that breaks free from the limits of personal and professional boundaries.

So, get ready to jump into the stories and wisdom of those who've mastered the art of leadership in today's digital age. This event is like a treasure trove of lessons, where you can learn from the journeys of visionaries who've seamlessly blended technology into their leadership style.

Your journey into visionary leadership begins right here – an opportunity to be part of something transformative and inspiring. Let's dive in together!

Sept 15, 2023 I

9am-4pm (Pacific)

Noon to 7pm (Eastern)

Deep Dive Day 1

Agenda here

Sept 16, 2023 I

9am-4pm (Pacific)

Noon to 7pm (Eastern)

Deep Dive Day 2

Agenda here

Sept 17, 2023

9am-Noon (Pacific)

Noon to 3pm (Eastern)

Deep Dive Day 3

Agenda here

Meet Our Speakers

Engage in captivating discussions led by visionary leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the future. Gain insights into the transformative role of leadership in a tech-driven landscape and explore strategies for harnessing technology to drive positive change.

Iman Aghay

Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Creator of Ultimate Course Formula


If you are interested in speaking or being a panelist at the 2023 EBC September Deep Dive, please fill out the Speaker Application Form


If you are interested in speaking or being a panelist at the 2023 EBC September Deep Dive, please fill out the Speaker Application Form

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Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Dr. Maria Nemeth

Author, Speaker, Master Coach for purpose-driven people, Founder & Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence,

Wendy Hart

High Performance Coach

Meet Our Panelists

Dr. Lin Morel

Stress Management Trauma Consultant

Jeannette Paxia

Empowerment Speaker | Coach

Anne Gordon

Whale Wisdom Retreat Leader

Rodney Flowers

Stress Management Trauma Consultant

Olivia Parr-Rud

Quantum Wisdom Strategist

Iman Aghay

Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

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